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Mackie DL32R a Blessing for La Junta Church of the Nazarene

untitledLocated on U.S. Highway 50, about 60 miles east of Pueblo, the town of La Junta is home to about 5,000 residents. Approximately 230-almost 5 percent of the population-are members of the La Junta Church of the Nazarene, and the congregation continues to grow.

The church’s contemporary-style services include a full praise band, and sound reinforcement had long been a challenge, due

to a very outdated system that fell far short of their needs. “The previous system had old, mostly blown speakers that should have been replaced ten years ago, two mediocre outboard EQs, and a crossover that was not doing anything,” recalls Lucas Lafferty, co-owner of systems integrator DK Audio Video of Colorado Springs. Lafferty’s team specified a new system, including a 1,600 watt Mackie HD1801 subwoofer with an 18-inch speaker that delivered all of the sub-lows required.

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Montreal’s Famed Cathedral Sounds Glorious with ICONYX

untitledIf you seek inspiration and perhaps a dose of humility, you might visit Montreal’s magnificent Marie-Reine-Du-Monde Basilique Cathedrale (Mary Queen of the World Cathedral Basilica). The interior may not be quite as grand as the Vatican’s St. Peter’s, after which the cathedral was modeled, but the gorgeous, 3 million cubic-foot building is a true gem. Inaugurated on Easter Sunday 1894, it was the first building in Montreal to cost more than one million dollars-so expensive that fundraising and construction took 24 years.

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West Shore Church Upgrades to Allen & Heath dLive and ME-1s

untitledSpire AVL of Carslile, PA has replaced an older digital mixer at the West Shore Church in Mechanicsburg with an Allen & Heath dLive S7000 Surface. Spire AVL’s Seth Shoemaker explained the upgrade. “The church’s previous mixer had experienced technical difficulties and added nearly 25msec of latency in its processing,” he said. “We recommended the dLive because we knew it was a reliable mixer with very low latency and the drag-and-drop touch screens would simplify setups. We also provided fourteen ME-1 Personal Monitor Mixers to give the church’s musicians the ability to do their own in-ear monitor mix and we knew the dLive would integrate all of this very nicely.”

West Shore is an Evangelical Free Church with a 1500 seat worship center. The church’s stage includes 112 audio inputs allowing the band or choir to be placed almost anywhere on the stage while maintaining short cable lengths. Additional inputs are located in a catwalk area for overhead mic’ing and ambient pickup. An Allen & Heath DM64 MixRack and three DX32 Expanders bring all of these inputs to the dLive S7000 surface making it easy to patch the system digitally for worship services and other events. A Dante card in the DM64 feeds a digital multi-track recording system in another room.

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CCI Solutions Calls On CHAUVET Professional To Create Worship Environment in Former Outlet Store

stonebridgeWhen announcing that they would be opening their first permanent off-site campus, leaders of StoneBridge Christian Church called it a “journey of faith,” proclaiming that their church, which began in 1908 with only eight members, would continue to grow and attract new worshippers. Like all journeys of faith, however, this one was not without its challenges.

The single-story building in suburban Omaha that the church purchased for its new satellite location had been a Wonder Bread Outlet store and Hallmark gift shop. Realizing that creating a worship environment in such a structure would require an extensive audio, video and lighting overhaul, church leaders contracted CCI Solutions. The CCI Solutions team transformed the former store with help (on the lighting end) from CHAUVET Professional Ovation, Rogue and COLORdash fixtures.

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Tech, No Babel: Live Video Production – The Language of Transitions

the-language-of-transitions-1024x576This past Sunday, I was running propresenter and we had a new director in the chair next to me. Midway through the service, I noticed he was using the “auto-trans” button exclusively. He didn’t cut at all.

New directors (and most churches, which tend to have self-taught, or local directors) tend to think that music demands a cross-dissolve “because it’s smooth.” While I won’t argue with the smoothness of a good cross dissolve, I will argue that music, especially needs it.

Look around at your experience. Have you ever instantaneously moved from point A to point B, several feet away, without moving through the distance in between? No. Our brains don’t notice cuts (unless we’re specifically looking for them or the ones causing them) because there’s nothing in our experience to train us to look for a situation where you’re one place and then another without the movement between the places.

Now, slowly close your eyes and open them again. Maybe tomorrow morning open them and wipe the gunk from a night’s rest. This is more like a dissolve. You’ll notice a dissolve because it’s more like what you do all the time.

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CSD Group Adds Flexibility To Historic College Park Church With Help From Chauvet

College Park Huntington (1) (002)Walk down North Jefferson Street in the historic district of Indiana’s “Lime City” and it’s easy to become lost in time. Huntington earned its nickname because at one time it was a center of limestone production, and the stately homes on Jefferson Street, many of which date back to the 1840s, bear witness to the city’s solid traditions.

Not far from this historic district, (0.8 miles to be exact) is another time-honored part of Huntington’s culture, College Park Church. Founded in 1897, the church’s roots in the community run deep, but like the city of Huntington, which hosts a high-tech university and an acclaimed robotic auto parts plant, College Park Church has stepped into the future while continuing to honor its past. This spirit was at the heart of a recent remodeling project at the church that was done by CSD Group of Fort Wayne Indiana, using LED fixtures from Chauvet as key components of its new lighting system.

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Lake Pointe Church Finds a Faithful Companion in Sony’s 4K Cameras

image005 (1)Lake Pointe Church serves a diverse group of congregants through in-person, live streaming and on-demand worship services. With locations in Dallas, Austin and Corpus Christi, Texas, the multi-campus church is a cornerstone of the state’s faith-based community, and their message extends worldwide reaching nearly 3,000 people online.

Chip Acker, Video Director at Lake Pointe Church, noted that since his organization is focused on video production and streaming, it’s important to have high-quality, easy-to-learn equipment that can be used and maintained by the church’s largely volunteer staff. Acker and his team of six content creators produce a range of materials employing a variety of styles and looks from broadcast segments, run-and-gun and last-minute shoots to fully scripted and produced projects, in addition to church services and events.

The Lake Pointe team uses Sony 4K cameras — from the FS7 and FS5 camcorders to the full-frame α7S and α7S II interchangeable lens cameras — in nearly every aspect of the ministry’s video production to capture services and events and handle the streaming.

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Pennsville Baptist Church Selects WorxAudio X5i-P Line Array System

Pennsville_43SmWith a wide range of programs designed to address its varied congregation, Pennsville Baptist Church has two Sunday services plus a Wednesday evening Ladies Bible study program. In order to ensure its message is delivered clearly to all who attend the various services, the church recently elected to upgrade its sound reinforcement capabilities. After reviewing their choices, the decision was made to implement all-in-one compact line array technology drawn from the catalog of Greensboro, NC-based WorxAudio® Technologies (, a division of PreSonus® Audio Electronics, Inc. (

Good Sounds of New Stanton, PA, an AV integration firm specializing in the design and installation of sound, video, and lighting systems for commercial spaces, schools, and houses of worship, was contracted to design and deploy Pennsville Baptist Church’s new sound system. Upon learning the requirements of the project, the decision was made to install WorxAudio’s X5i-P compact, powered line array system. Dwight Brown, Good Sounds’ owner and principal system designer, discussed the project and his decision to deploy WorxAudio loudspeaker equipment.

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Light It Up app from Technologies for Worship

LightItUp-logoNow Available on Apple iTunes and Google Play

With hundreds of lighting manufacturers featured, Light It Up! offers complete searchability for all types of lighting fixtures, lighting consoles and special effects all in one place. You will no longer need to spend hours scouring the internet for the products and manufacturers you want – Light It Up! does it all for you.

Our easy to navigate interface allows users to specify types of fixtures and manufacturers and provides full specifications for each piece of gear, including full-color photos, complete descriptions, specifications, DMX channels, and where to purchase. Light it Up! also includes a growing list of Resellers and Integrators who can help your facility pScreenshot_2016-02-10-10-25-23lan your future lighting needs.

Whether you are a professional lighting designer or someone just learning about theatrical lighting, regular updates to our comprehensive database means Light It Up! is always up-to-date and ready to meet your needs.


• Comprehensive product databases for lighting fixtures, lighting consoles and special effects equipment
• Search categories include: all or specific manufacturers, LED or non-LED fixtures, active and discontinued products, types of fixtures (fresnels, spots, etc.)
• Product searches include color photos, descriptions, specifications, DMX, Media and Where to buy
• View videos, reviews and other media for different products, where available
• Access a growing list of resellers and integrators, including contact information and website links direct to the company
• Comprehensive Glossary of lighting terms

Download if for free from iTunes:

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Featured Product

BlizzardBlok2-p2-cropped-RedBlizzard Lighting’s Blok 2™

Blizzard Lighting’s Blok 2™ is a battery powered, wireless uplight featuring 2x high output 25W RGBW + UV 5-in-1 COB LEDs with amazing color mixing capabilities. This fixture has a built-in, rechargeable Intelion™ lithium-ion battery and 2.4Ghz AnyFi™ that keep this fixture completely cordless. Thanks to highly efficient natural convectional cooling, these fixtures have no internal fans, which mean absolutely no noise! This bright, quiet uplight is perfect for theaters, houses of worship or any “sound sensitive” environment.

Retail price: $599.99